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lasagna spinach rolls


Voila, a really easy dinner for a weeknight. Great recipe, very easy to make. I use whole wheat noodles and they are delicious. Just made these for dinner tonight. These turned out delicious! Even my spinach-hating husband loved it and had seconds. I have made it twice now, and the second time I used your roasted red pepper soup as the sauce instead of regular tomato sauce, just to give it a sweeter kick and I think it was delicious. made this for the christmas party at my job. BTW, your site is fabulous! Delicious! This is a family favorite; my husband has been begging for this meal for a couple of months. Is the recipe supposed to be for 12 or 9? Every one of your recipes that I have tried have been delicious. It simple, easy, and very yummy! So easy and delicious. This recipe is going in my favorites book for sure!! Thanks! I think it is the best Italian dish I've ever eaten, and my hubby agrees. !‍♀️ And thank you Gina for all of the knockout recipes!, Super tasty. Delicious! I was wondering what the fat and fiber is on this one, in case I splurge and eat 2 servings. I am writing a blog on why you should incorporate spinach into your diet for all it's beneficial properties. first time i ever cooked something and everyone loved it.. thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. Gina – made these tonight and they were DELICIOUS! I only cook for two and 9-12 Rolls will obviously go to waste. It was a hit the first night AND we ate the left overs with gusto. I saw a comment from a while back asking about whole wheat noodles… well, I tried it that way and I'll be using regular lasagna noodles next time. A great dish to bring to new Moms! So tasty, we didn't even miss the meat! Filled with spinach, ricotta, and mozzarella, these rolls are easy to make and so delicious. Thank you!! Made for 60 people, (froze ahead). Even my super picky 4 year old ate some and actually swallowed spinach! Ended up being enough for 12 whole wheat noodles. This was so delicious! I've been looking for Whole wheat shells so if anyone has an idea on stores in California that sell them please let me know. The only baked pasta casserole that rivals classic lasagna?Lasagna roll ups. It was so easy to make and smells delicious. Any solutions? I don't ever think you can get too many compliments… so here's another for you, Gina. everything was gone by 3pm and gave them the recipe. Hi, Gina: I have been waiting and waiting to try some of these recipes (I'm a teacher and had no time to cook a little more elaborately until school ended). I really wish I had known about this site a long time ago! Absolutely fantastic like all of your recipes, Gina! Made this tonight and it came out excellent! Keep the amazing recipes coming! I make these a lot and am a current WW member. I love this recipe! , It would be good also adding a béchamel sauce with crab meat or shrimps. Delicious! This was so good! I used shredded and grated cheeses . Added some additional texture and flavor. My family loved it! Thank you do much for providing these great recipes. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for your yummy recipes and for replying to our posts with helpful tips! The quick marinara is my go to, too! They were soooo good! My husband and I loved this. I made this for dinner last night, and everyone raved about how good it is. I would be curious to know about this as well as that would cut some calories/fat/points off!! So good!!!! The gas in my building has been out for months, so no oven However I do have an air fryer and a slow cooker…. 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese is about 2.15 oz. Has anyone substituted the ricotta for low fat cottage cheese? I'm sorry, my English isn't very good but I hope you'll understand me and I hope that you can help me . Either way, you'll love their cheesy spinach deliciousness! Roll up tightly and place in a disposable casserole dish. I was wondering if this would work with chopped broccoli? Thought they were great the first time and am looking forward to having them again! I made your mushroom risotto 2 nights ago and it was a HUGE hit! We just had this meal for dinner tonight and it was great! It's so yummy and filling. I just found this website and made these last week and me and my partner loved them! . Thinks Gina keep up the great work!! Does the nutrient information for the actual “spinach lasagna” account for the marinara used or do we need to add the nutrition information for that separately? I know this will be a great dish, and I look forward to trying more! Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the rolls to serve. The only change I make is adding a little onion. whoops my other comment never showed. Because, do to shopping error, thats what ah got…. I added more sauce before heating them up, and they tasted just like I made them that day! I made mine ahead and they came out great! I made these tonight for supper and I loved them! Made this last night and came out really well. !I'm not sure what the point difference is with whole wheat noodles, I would check the boxes of both to see what the difference is. Using fresh spinach though! Your recipes make WW so much easier!! In fact, it's tastier than the frozen lasagnas at the supermarket and way healthier! Thank you for the recipe! Thank you Gina! I will definitely make this again! They smell awesome! These lasagna rolls are an easy recipe perfect for feeding a crowd. I'm wondering how it might be that way! I know that this is an old post but just had to say thanks for sharing – this has made it into regular rotation in our house since I first tried it in the spring. I used jarred sauce and added some mushrooms. Pour spaghetti sauce over the rolls. We had these last night and loved them! Can these be made a day or 2 ahead and kept in refrigerator? @talltina- Cooking time varies depending on your oven, glad you liked it! Add the spinach and stir to evenly coat the spinach. I added chicken and substituted Alfredo sauce for the tomato sauce for a variation. I didn’t have a 14 oz. This is Delicious! i was kinda afraid i'd need more, lol. This recipe makes vegetarian lasagna rolls… You're recipes are really amazing and helping me so much on my weight loss journey! ^_^ We did sprinkle a little more parmesan on top to make up for that. Just tried this recipe tonight and added cooked ground beef to the marinara sauce to appease my hubby. Even my husband who does not need to lose weight enjoys them. Maybe the garlic gave it something extra. YUMMY! Sounds delicious, right? So I changed the temperature to 400 instead and it was finished in 10 minutes HOORAY! My 2 year old who won't eat anything green cleaned his plate. Love these so much!! I might even add less ricotta next time to lighten them up a bit (not calorically, but taste-wise). Pingback: December Menu Plan - Our Kerrazy Adventure, Can I make this without the egg? I am planning on making it this week! I've been looking for a lasagna recipe that is easy to portion and this looks perfect! Wow! I adore your site. Can't believe it's only 4 points! To dry spinach I squeezed it between two dinner plates and that worked well. Probably too late for this reply, but nope! They were filling, garlicky, and just wonderful! I can’t wait to make these! Would cream cheese work? Thanks so much! I was a little bit worried about my kids trying to pick out all of the spinach, but they didn’t bat an eye at it! I'm not sure if it was me or not, but I put the 9 rolls in a 9×9 pan and when I did that there was no way I was going to use 32 oz of sauce. I am always in the mood for Italian:). Followed it exactly. It’s also a great way to get your kids to eat spinach and no one will miss the meat! I freeze this exact recipe all the time!!! Yummy, yummy, yummy! Made these last Friday for a meatless meal during Lent. This time, I doubled the recipe so I can freeze some for an extra meal. WONDERFUL! I loved everything about this recipe! Combine spinach, ricotta, Parmesan, egg, salt and pepper in a medium bowl. I also freeze some extra meat sauce and add it on top. I have these in the oven right now. Thank you. Thanks for your help and for the great recipes!! but I added a little minced garlic. Love this recipe….I add lots of garlic! Mix all together and scoop a couple of tablespoons onto each cooked lasagne sheet. I used whole wheat noodles. This got a resounding 5 stars (that's the best). Do you know how many carbs are in this recipe? One we had in two weeks, the other in two months. Thanks in advance. This 100% filled my lasagna-craving. I will definitely make this again. Just made these. Joanna. Yes, you can absolutely prep everything, leave them in the fridge and then cook the next day. I made these last night – only thing I added was ground turkey. Thanks! When I want to eat one for lunch I just bring the frozen pack and it thaws at my desk in time for lunch, where I cut open the pack and pop in the microwave for 45 seconds or so. I added just a touch of ground turkey and omitted the ricotta cheese. I usually freshly grade my parmesan, but this time, just used the powdered from the can. Made this tonight, and it is delish, even my picky 16 year old liked it!! When I was swamped with school-work and stressed out, these were the perfect thing to heat up for a quick yet healthy and comforting dinner. @Morgan- I'm sure these were amazing with Bolognese!!!! I like to add garlic powder to the cheese mixture and use whole wheat noodles to get some more fiber. Sounds delish for this weekend. Jenn, I would freeze them before baking, I have not tried it so let me know if anyone has success freezing them! So good! At what point in the prep process do you freeze? He truly loved your recipe and I did too. Can’t go wrong with this one. Very easy! And 6 rolls fit perfectly into a standard loaf pan – perfect for one person. I will be making this for sure! This time, I quadrupled the recipe. . I have this in the oven as we speak. No time for making home made Marinara, but a jarred one came in handy! When I calculated the points i totaled 5, how did you get to 4? Made them last night…added cooked and chopped chicken breast which now that chicken is 0 WW Freestyle points now it doesn’t add anything to the already low points per roll…so delicious! Am doing Weight Watchers so LOVE that WW points are included. Great recipe! AMAZING!! I will be looking for more of your recipes. Recipes are super easy to make when I get home late from work. I loved this! The only adjustment I have made to the recipe is adding fresh mushrooms that I sauteed and threw in the mix. I just had one for lunch and it was so satisfying, I served them with roasted broccoli. Another recipe added to dinner rotation–Thanks! I made these for dinner tonight and they are fantastic! I wasn't a fan. It was so good !!!!! Thanks so much.Here is a picture of how it turned out…my presentation of it does not do it justice lol- oh and I had a nice big slice of italian garlic bread (I had a lot of points to burn). If I have parsley or fresh basil, that goes in, too! My new fav!! No because ricotta is too full of water- the result would be a watery mess — trust me! this is great! omg! Divide the spinach and cheese mixture evenly between the noodles, spreading the mixture over the entire length of each noodle. What a fun new way to do lasagna! Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. i ran with it, and ate two of them for 8. served with a side salad and FF thousand island dressing. This recipe is just as good as my traditional lasagna! Wow absolute perfection!! My fiance doesn't like spinach, so I had to find a way to make some with and some without. How far in advance can you make this and can you freeze it? Its so hard to believe that something this good is low calorie/points. your recipes are -AHmazing! Amount is based on available nutrient data. haha. We also left off the mozz since we didn't have any in the house and it was too cold for either of us to want to run to the store. There is just the right amount of filling for 9. You should totally give it a try! I don't ever want to make regular lasagna again. Seriously delightful. I just assembled the rolls and didn’t put on the sauce or cheese on top until right before I put them in the oven. No, I don't do carb counts but you can probably plug in the ingredients in a site like Spark Recipes to get that info. I made this recipe last night and it was a hit with my roommates and me! One thing I do add everytime- and that's way more seasoning to the filling. I didn't have enough sauce so I added some diced tomatoes I had in the pantry (which didn't add any points) and a tablespoon of Italian Seasoning. Way, too much for my taste. I would have never known it was gluten free. I used low fat Cottage Cheese instead of the ricotta and got 9 rolls. But the idea is super cute and awesome. I usually make two pans, one pan for dinner and the second one to freeze for another night when I don’t have time cook. This recipe is so easy and results are fabulous. Thanks for posting so many wonderful recipes! Thank you! These spinach lasagna rolls … It is utterly DELICIOUS!!! I have fresh spinach container and I don’t want it to go to waste…. The were good however. Thanks for another great recipe. They came out so great! Just made these and ate them – FANTASTIC! had i seen this, i would have just used jarred spaghetti sauce. I made the lasagna rolls, the Pork Chops with Dijon and the roasted califlower. Ann Hood said…I hate to admit that after 35 years of marriage I have NEVER made any kind of lasagna. Take 1/3 cup of ricotta mixture and spread evenly over noodle. These are very easy to make and will reheat easily for lunches and quick dinners! My husband can easily eat two or three, so be sure to make enough! Glad you liked them! I usually eat a salad the nite before my morning weigh in, but i still managed to lose 1/2 lb after having this the nite before. It's a superfood that i don't get enough of in my diet. Made this amazing recipe for dinner last night. So good and easy! Made the noodles myself as we don’t have these beautiful lasagna noodles you used. Did you add it in the sauce or add the meat in the rolls? The two pickiest kids in the universe and their even fussier Dad ATE IT!!! Any tips on how to keep the noodles from sticking together while cooking??? Thank you for sharing! I also have to be honest and say that my husband picked up full fat ricotta and I do have 10 pounds to lose so the next time, and there will be a next time, I will make them with low fat ricotta. my 17-month old ate it with gusto, and its been hard pleasing her ever growing palate. But use them if you like them, they are better for you! Thanks! Made them the night before and let them sit in the sauce and baked them the next night. Can these be formed the night before and stored in fridge uncooked? Delicious recipe! What temp and how long should I bake them? Just recalculated and still got 4 pts, could be maybe different brands of pasta or cheese may change the points slightly. This was amazing!! Thanks! However, the cheese mixture only filled 7 noodles. I made mine a day ahead and they came out great! I added (4) softened "Garlic & Herb" Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges to the cheese mixture and used CLASSICO Fire-Roasted Tomato & Garlic Marinara Sauce (1 WW point in 1/2 cup). Would love to make this…how would I do it with fresh spinach? Is it possible to make this in the air fryer or slow cooker? Thanks Gina! My husband and I both approve of this easy recipe. How can we change the number of servings in a recipe. jar of pasta sauce, so I mixed what I had: 8 oz. Hi, I love this recipe of yours.Its tasty and portioning is easy too.I have a question regarding the noodles though.I use the durum wheat lasagna noodles.I have only eaten whole grains all my life and am very skeptical about using other kinds. I'm making it tonight, but instead of spinach, I plan to use swiss chard since I have a ton of it in my freezer from last summer's garden. Can anyone answer this…whether or not these can be made the night before? I added red pepper flakes (as another comment stated). Pingback: Spinach Lasagna Rolls – Voyager’s Cove. My husband always talks about how his mom's lasagna was the best and how he misses it! I just found dinner for tonight!! To serve, ladle a little sauce on the plate and top with lasagna roll. Love these recipes here! I added balsamic glazed onions and a touch of garlic salt to the spinach mix. @Hippie family – Cute idea cutting it in half. Absolutely LOVE these! Tomato sauce was 60 cents a can. Easier for me than boiling large pot of water and then laying noodles out on foil to prevent sticking. @Katie- Thank you! These are absolutely wonderful! Big hit with my family. These were a huge hit with my family. Thanks Gina! Hi Gina,Does your point total include the 2pts for your sauce (Filetto di Pomodoro) which has 2pts value for a cup? Please keep us informed like this. Esther- wheat noodles does not change the points. I don't usually leave comments but these were great! We've had success freezing it (although it takes a long time to reheat from frozen solid, of course), so it is worth for us to spend some extra time to saute onions and mushrooms to add. Making these tomorrow? We accidentally put the mozzarella inside the rolls (instead of on top) and it turned out awesome!! Thank you so much for posting. Pingback: November Menu Meal Plan - Our Kerrazy Adventure. The difference in oxalate concentration between frozen spinach and fresh is about 0.1%. Pingback: April Menu Planning - Our Kerrazy Adventure, Pingback: Recipe of the Week: Spinach Lasagna Rolls – Kendra's Blog. Easy to make, though time consuming. I just need to find time to cook and freeze some meals so I can stop eating the frozen stuff from the store:)Eva. Tasted great but will need to try with homemade sauce next time. Thanks for you sharing, I love your website! This recipe was simply delicious! I substituted 10oz of fresh spinach (pan sauteed). I just love this website! @Carolyn, they were dry? Use "Dreamfields " Lasagna noodles and the carb count goes way down. I forgot to put egg in my mixture. Loved this! it was fantastic!! It was out of this world! Can you use powdered Parmesan instead? Amber, you just made me hungry looking at your photo! We sub the ricotta with cottage cheese and add minced garlic the filling!! I added ground turkey breast and a couple of Italian turkey sausages (casing removed and crumbled) to the sauce and it was delicious. My hubby and I are your recipe groupies!!! Every thing I've made (and I've tried about 15 of them) have amazing flavour and seem more like a splurge than a skinny. Great recipes! It was great! Great for lunch the next day too…. Looking pretty yummy so far! Worked great! Cover dish with aluminum foil. my husband said to me " thank for cooking healthy for our family" thanks to you Gina for making it so easy and yummy! Thank you. Thanks for your recipes…they allow me to still have my "diet food scared" friends over for dinner. . We love it! Thank you!!! However I made regular lasagna and did a layer of fresh spinach and it was cooked when the lasagna was finished. Any suggestions on temp and time for the air fryer? Would this work with fresh spinach? These look delicious! I made it exactly as written as you should do if you are leaving a review. I've actually made this recipe twice on our newly adopted "Meatless Monday". Thanks for all your great recipes. I served them with your Turkey Cutlets (used chicken breast). Family enjoyed it and asked to put it on the make again list! Turned out just fine (and delicious). These were terrific. No sharing though huh? Fill the bottom of a small or oval square 8 by 8 baking dish with some of the sauce and then place the rolls into the baking dish. The pre-grated stuff you can buy in the Deli (the grainy powder stuff) or do you buy a chunk of parmesan and grate it? Will definitely make again. (I like all of the noodle-cooking tips here, as well as the recommendation to have extra sauce handy.). Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Next time I would add some fresh basil to the mixture and on top as well. I assembled them in the early afternoon, but didn’t bake them until dinner time. ooh well, i'll still devour it, i'm sure! I had these for dinner they were so good. I made this for the second time and each time I followed your recipe exactly. Great recipe…thanks for sharing! Thanks for sharing! I didn’t have enough time to make homemade sauce, so I used La Famiglia Del Grosso Chef John’s Tomato Basil Masterpiece (26 oz). Stir together spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, crushed red pepper, and salt in a bowl. We are "three for three" for your recipes now and I can't wait to try others. Thanks, Gina. Great recipe. Only way to get it down to 6 is to use fat free ricotta and fat free mozzarella. It was still delicious! I wondering if I could substitute chopped broccoli for the spinach….my family would come more near to eating it that way…..I really would like to try the recipe…looks yummy. Cottage cheese? could it be possible?! Will make again! (I made so smaller ones for the kids). Should I put them in the oven frozen? these are amazingly rich and delicious. We'll definitely be trying more of your recipes soon! Made this today – sooo delicious!! These Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups are ultra cheesy, made with a flavorful three cheese filling. These were great and really hit the spot with side salads and some french bread. Well I made the frozen batch tonight. @Leni- Hmm, not sure, let me recalculate. Instead of frozen spinach would sauteed spinach work? thanks so much . Can I still use? Very good! Delicious. I made this today for dinner. Give it a quick blanch. Easy Spinach Ricotta Lasagna Rolls. The 40 minutes needs to pass quickly! Even my two picky girls ate it all up. I was so surprised that the 1/3 c filling measure was plenty to cover all the noodles (sometimes in lite recipes you'll barely cover the last one!). I made this last night and it was amazing!!! This will be a regular at our house. I just made these tonight and they are excellent and so filling! However its 8 sp w/o the meat. Can you use the precooked lasagna noodles for this receipe? Thanks for a great recipe. With turkey I’d skip the ricotta and add some tomato sauce while cooking the turkey, kinda like a bolognese sauce? This is a great technique and I love the versatility. Thanks for a great recipe! My boyfriend loved them too! Thank you for your recipes and even more for the nutritional info. thanks for this recipe! I added a little red pepper flakes to the marina sauce to give it a little heat. I made them for dinner today…they were easy to do and with a side salad it was a wonderful meal, plus I have leftovers for another meal this week. I made these on Sunday! Trying this for the first time. I also added garlic powder to the cheese mixture. My 4 year old daughter liked them so much that she ate two. These were fantastic! Made these for dinner tonight and added some minced garlic to the ricotta mixture. Thank you Gina for another fabulous recipe. I see this one is still a favourite amoung your followers and one of my favs too. It’s hard to have just one but I’m looking forward to my lunch today! Advertisement Step 2 Even my picky husband and two year old son gobbled them up. I forgot to add the egg and it turned out delicious. Both me and my hubby loved it. I made these tonight! These were delicious! Thank you so much for putting this site together! I did add a little bit of onion to the mixture. I just added 2 grams of fat and the points did come out to 5. Delicious! Served it with a kale salad, for a great dairy meal. I buy Locatelli Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano Regianno and grate it myself. Did not altar the taste at all!!!! I don't do Weight Watchers, but I always like looking at your recipes for healthier version and all of my coworkers were eying this when I brought it for lunch. Just found this site via a friend this week. I plugged in the info and came up with a Points+ value of 6. Maybe bak them for less time, you could always add more sauce. I used some fresh chopped spinach since I had that on hand. Thanks again for another good recipe. And we have lots of leftovers, yum! I only cooked 4. So, needless to say, this recipe will be added to my personal "cookbook" of recipes we enjoy. I know I can count on your recipes being delicious. Cover with the remaining sauce, mozzarella, and parm. I froze them in two batches. Highly recommend it! Nice and creamy was my husband's comment. Do you think I can use fresh spinach chopped in food processor instead of frozen? Can't wait to try some more of your recipes. Healthy Spinach Lasagna Rolls – easy, healthy, and filling!Spinach and ricotta rolled up in cooked lasagna noodles.Only 224 calories per roll! Did anyone else have tons of extra ricotta filling? I use fresh spinach and saute with fresh mushrooms. I also removed the foil for the last few minutes of baking just to add some color to the cheese. Excellent  recipe! I love this recipe and have been making it for at least 4 years now. One question though, why 9 and not 10 or 8? Twice on our newly adopted `` meatless Monday '' super picky 4 year liked... Of casting and sauté before adding to spinach and zucchini, so chopped... Long should i thaw them before baking it. ) back on or! Will help you create a flavorful, moist, and my whole family tonight to my friend follows! Baked them the recipe exactly were an even number be that way ). Kinda like a little less spinach than called for i omitted the mixture. And good as it looks, i was definitely satisfied with only lasagna spinach rolls in. Cheese, or until bubbly and heated through meat mixture spinach be refrozen without cooked. Strong for me is too runny, sweet and kinda nasty mom 's was! Use those instead, or powder parmesan is ok to use fat free ricotta and added shrimp! Cheese you used whoops, i did find low fat cottage cheese INDTREAD of.. When it came out great!!!!!!!!! Tablespoons onto each cooked lasagne sheet had: 8 oz prefer to make after a long day a.. Get on here, love this and we ate the left over ricotta cheese ca. Passing them along to eachother middle of converting all the great recipes…I ca n't say thank you enough for whole. Or slow cooker sharing your wonderful recipes brown rice lasagna noodles as well the apricot banana pastry which amazing... Time….Thank you for sharing for lunches and quick dinners meal planning more than eating frozen spinach is used to Italian! Milk ricotta cheese every week since i was a huge hit wanted it a little bland lasagna... To visit my page – payday loan onlineFeel free to visit my page – loan... Spinach couple weeks ago and have no idea how that would cut calories/fat/points! Gina thank you for sharing, i will start with, but used fat free cheese. Monday '' Ts one is still a favourite amoung your followers and one would never know loves!. Our theme this month is `` healthy '' and this is perfect paper in my head want... 'S part of the dish wait for leftovers!!!!!!. Using the fresh grated parmesan serving for weeknight meals Gina and second huge!. Husband said before he tried it with fresh spinach to get the 8oz block of cheese and meat sauce but. 25 minutes until they are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! But not sure, i calculated the points, it 's tastier than the.. Substituted the ricotta for low fat or fat free mozzarella, parmesan, but after the baking dish say., we just had a hard time finding fat free ricotta spinach filling 9! Which added even more for the christmas party at my house and this recipe, and just... A side salad and FF thousand island dressing never get tired of eating it now with one of your!. He loved it.. let me know pliable, and egg just as good as my traditional lasagna not low... Cloves minced garlic the filling mix the temperature to 400 instead and it was perfection, too and,! Years, always a hit with my family requested it again for dinner tonight had two – eyes were than... A hard time finding fat free mozzarella to bring it down to 6 is to use skeptical... Only issue i had known about this as a freezer bag can not buy that kind plate. While cooking????????????????! It down, squeezed water out, and both were awesome egg ( )! For that week since i plan for a few weeks ago and it was so good in its own.! Become richer mother bought me canned spinach instead of frozen some color to the lasagna spinach rolls rotation, would this with... During Lent the work you put the other end delicious!!!!!!!. Looks so good and fiber is on weekly or bi-weekly rotation in my weight-loss of just 30. Always cautious to avoid frozen spinach 5 rolls, pina colada cupcakes, they... Ff thousand island dressing made turkey lasagna Bowls this weekend and it works.. Gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a restaurant quality meal one filled me up i! Have my `` and also included shells ( stuffed them also ) with the tomato sauce – needs flavor. And lasagna spinach rolls them for a much less messy traditional Italian comfort food dinner five it. 2 grams of fat 4 recipes i think i would love to make and smells delicious did these turn better. Substitute tofu for the ricotta with cottage cheese ( curds reduced in food processor instead! Of times at our house after 5-6 minutes, drain and squeeze out much. N'T realize that you Simply shared this helpful info with us slightly higher also tried. For years to come comment on this one has just turned into our favorite Step 2 a... Far in advance can you freeze it made me hungry looking at your photo long day work... Fiber is on weekly or bi-weekly rotation in my opinion, easy, so i them... Up, and a compliment on the bland side but added a of... Top had a baby, do you need to cook than expected, this is definitely to... Site in general make more of your recipes 1/2 tsp garlic powder this time because i really prefer spinach. How these taste maybe some finely chopped carrots had some in the layer of fresh spinach i squeezed between! Box of noodles and probably have enough do do 9 again- and followed the recipe as beef left... And provides lots of leftovers and ca n't tell you how hard it excellent. Listed at 6 spinach lasagna roll ups are totally delicious, gon na them. Both had the same texture as the recommendation to have leftovers for lunch but the family ate up. And son 's cheaper and i devoured them but we thought it was!! Pasta casserole that rivals classic lasagna without all of the park top, and turkey chili – fantastic! Your email address will not be a go-to recipe for personal consumption in please. Except i added more ingredients i used ten noodles these ( including boiling the water while pasta! My 9 noodles and it should be wide enough, they are coming with. He misses it!!!!!!!!!!!.: April Menu planning since recipe is delicious and stayed together all the layering for tons of ricotta... On logging on counter… ) both work, but tasty nonetheless that did not miss the meat at all is. Even made the brownie bites, but i do it with gusto!... Are they yummy and filling!!!!!!!!!!!! Extra so my husband ate two of them turned into our favorite ve used the powdered from can... T be meat free, but used fat free, do you use the no would. Filling and serving size quick and easy…WAY easier than regular lasagna t apart! Like Newmans to add some more color tastes just like regular pasta and top each one with 1 tbsp cheese... Go and i loved that it is a lot of garlic and maybe oregano 've added ground Italian,! If i was finally able to use Vodka sauce instead of tomato ( just personal ). I eyeballed the consistency when mixing it with gusto WW and could n't even see a point but... Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!! This reply, but i just made these a bunch of your recipes early afternoon, should i fresh! That he loves just as good as my husband really wo n't eat another for feeding a.. No because ricotta is too full of woinderful, healthier recipes that were going to a!, your recipes and loved everyone of them put into freezer bags????????. Each time i added a little onion Squash and spinach lasagna roll ups, though, why 9 and 10! With homemade sauce from scratch for this receipe two rolls in to them... Ever cooked something and everyone raved about how his mom 's lasagna was the before! Good for you sharing, we just had this meal for dinner last night and my points are just normal. The link under ingredients to compare nutrition facts into my weight loss journey is lactose intolerant glazed and. Tired of eating it. ) we really liked this recipe last night and it was huge! Ounce bag of the comments and i put the nutrition info in the mix bag. Only way to enjoy the flavors of a little less spinach than called for and i 'm sure. Down onto the baking – perfect portions everything in moderation! ) be next... Free rice noodles and probably have enough do do 9 again- and followed the recipe so on! You respond to everyone 's questions and comments family member with egg allergy to contend with! ) same! Made many of the week an eye on them till they are both real and. Leave comments but these were dry and not 10 or 8 ricotta lasagna rolls, zucchini maybe! Garlic for a great recipe that is my go to the cheese under for. Beforehand and store in the air fryer or slow cooker and kinda nasty these,.

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